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Topic: Tournament Cheating
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mArViNhPhilippines flag
Okay, in the Beginner Tournament, the rating range is from 1 to 1300. I am expecting opponents to have a rating of 1 to 1300. But some of my opponents have a rating of more that 1300. I think I am being cheated. Can somebody please explain why they can enter in the Beginner Tournament? This a very, very serious problem, not only for me but for the others who want to learn and have fun in QA. We are here in QA to learn and to have fun, not to be cheated. I hope somebody will enlighten me. God bless us all.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." John 3:16

mathematician1961United States flag
Probably when they register to the tournament they had a rating lower than 1300...however after some more games their rating went up and now they have a higher rating.

mArViNhPhilippines flag
thanks mate . . . . . . You answered my question . . .

phystutordotcomUnited States flag
There a flaws in the rating system. Ask new members if the have any existing rating. Then determine their initial rating. Allow ratings of new member to change very quickly. Use rating history to determine eligibility. Players who have lost their last 50 games on time should not be allowed to enter tournaments 2 levels below their rating before their extended absence. Instead they should play near their old level. A player has played 200 games as a master. Leaves QA for months his rating falls 600 points. When he returns he should be allowed to play advance tournaments not beginners.

It takes a long time to field 12 players for a beginner tournament. After the first week of registration players with more than 50 games in progress, and within rating range, should be allowed to join.

TenebrousWitUnited Kingdom flag
At the moment my rating is in the 1400's and I joined a tournament for up to 1600 rate3d players. I'm now facing a GM with a rating of 2200+ this is an example of the sites flaws in so far as tournament rankings are concerned. I'm sure no matter what you implement there will be problems but to be facing a 2200 player when I'm in the 1400's seems a bit lopsided to me. I just resigned those games as it's pointless for both me and him to play and I feel cheated too so it's also a protest of sorts. I don't know why this guy would even bother signing up for such a tournament if I'm honest. Why would someone of that skill want to play opponents who obviously have 0 chance?

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