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Topic: Tournament AUTO-INT-3189
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cyclonePhilippines flag
Hi there, I just want to know when round 2 of the above tournament will start? It's been almost 2 years since we started in Nov. 6, 2016.

kingdaveUnited States flag
Round 2 doesn't start until all of the games in round 1 are finished. It often happens that both players in a game stop playing without ending the game, leaving the tournament in limbo. That's life on Queen Alice.


DogevalBrazil flag

phystutordotcomUnited States flag
A better system would be to automatically award a game when time expires. Even if both players leave all the games finish. Often the unfinished game doesn't determine who advances. It would be better to start round 2 when all the participants in of round 2 are determined.

However if what you really care about is face to face over the board chess, QueenAlice chess, even with all her flaws, can help you improve.

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