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Topic: Forced resignation criteria
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phystutordotcomUnited States flag
When the position is sufficiently lopsided you could compel your opponent to resign. Before I write about the details I ask if anyone thinks this warrants discussion

ketchuploverUnited States flag
You can try but I don't see how it can be forced.

phystutordotcomUnited States flag
I can't try. I am not a site administrator but a site could have criteria. Once the game is sufficiently lopsided it would be adjudicated. For example if you are sure you are up a rook you could request immediate ajudication. If your advantage is deemed to be greater than a rook game over you win. If less than a rook the penalty for an inaccurate claim is a forced draw offer. Whoever owns the site can do almost anything they want.

Now that the how has been explain I invite comments on the pros and cons.

blunderGermany flag
Apparently this site is no longer supported. So, discussions about pros and cons would be in vain here.

ketchuploverUnited States flag
Mate is the only certain victory unless the site is fubar :-P

equusEngland flag
So in a game of football if one team is winning 5-0, should the ref stop the game?

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