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Topic: Please Change Your Password
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ketchuploverUnited States flag
using the Forgot Password option at your earliest convenience ... ur most welcome :-D

"Change Password" is not guaranteed

andreavbBrazil flag
Hey, ketchuplover, do you know what is up with the site? I had trouble logging in today and had to click on "forgot password" several times until finally getting one that worked... got me freaking out for a while! Cheers.

ClivetheBeardWales flag
I had the same issue. I've now got one that works - but completely unmemorable. No longer the standard combo of piece name and numbers!

ketchuploverUnited States flag
Someone hacked the site a couple days ago and posted a suggestion that everyone here change their password. He hijacked someone's name. Appears gone for now :-D

ArteDaGuerraPortugal flag
Several people have had problems with the login, me included. The solution is to request another password until one receives a password with less than 12 characters (for my experience, the first two attempts return a password that is two long).

norocIceland flag
@ketchuplover this is strange why should a hacker do this?

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