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Topic: Recuperar jogador marcomasao de volta. Continue playing as marcomasao
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marcomasaBrazil flag
Dear sir / Madam,

I am a user of queenalice.com for a long time. I have the username of marcomasao. However, lately I cannot log in, I type my username (marcomasao) correctly and my password rightly also. Still I can´t find a way to login and play as marcomasao. I hope that you help me. Please help me, so I enjoy very much playing at queenalice.com.
It took a long time to have more victories than loses as marcomasao.
Give me the right to continue playing as marcomasao.
yours sincerelly,


norocIceland flag
Several people have had problems with the login, me included. The solution is to request another password until one receives a password with less than 12 characters (for my experience, the first two attempts return a password that is two long).

marcomasaBrazil flag
I thank you my friend for your help. However, my problem is even more complicated because the e-mail that I had associated to the username of marcomasao
I no longer have it. For a very long time (seriously long time) the old e-mail had never been a problem. And I think it is very unfair, to myself and others with the same problem as mine, because I should have been told that I would have to change the e-mail. But no, the "owners" of this site let me play for many years (as marcomasao) and, on the 4th january of 2002, I could no longer log in as marcomasao. Before "excluding" many people out of this site, the ones in charge of queenalice should have told them to change their old e-mails.
I CONTINUE HOPING TO GET my marcomasao back.

DogevalBrazil flag
The same thing happened to me and I only got it on the third attempt.

gizmokakaEngland flag
miguel is the administrator


marcomasaBrazil flag
I have writen to Miguel but he did not answer. He did not even read the letter I wrote to him.

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